Liability Insurance..  This is an absolute must before you employ someone without it if damage is done you have very little chance of receiving compensation and your home is your biggest asset.

Business Licence..
Without a valid business licence any work done on your property for payment will be illegal. 
Each of our local towns and citys have a maximum fine of $73,000 per year for operating without a business without a business licence any insurance claim may be thrown out as the work was not done legally.
If your contractor tells you a business licence is not required ring your local city hall and ask

Worksafe BC..
Work safe insurance coverers you against any claims for an accident that could occur.
Unfortunately the work we do can sometimes be dangerous, you need to be protected.
All our staff are both Worksafe trained and insured

Commercial  Vehicle Insurance.. 
This is an area where many companies try to save a buck by driving on private car insurance. 
If any damage is done by their vehicle their insurance company has a loophole not to pay out.‚Äč