Our services

We are fully WorkSafe compliant Acc #819857 ​  and we carry a $2,000,000 public liability insurance policy for your protection.

Full insurance documentation provided with every free estimate.

Family owned and operated, we are proud to have served Oceanside since 2007.

We guarantee high-quality workmanship for each and every project. 

We offer all the services you need to make your home shine.

Nothing hurts the value of your home more than a dirty exterior. Unfortunately this is the first thing prospective buyers see when they come to view your home.

How We Can Help You?

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning and De-Mossing.  

We use a non-pressure, non-abrasive fully Eco friendly cleaning method.  We kill all growth on your roof to prolong the life of the roof.  

Pressure washing a shingle roof is not approved of by the roofing manufactures. A pressure washer rips up the asphalt on the shingles and it also does not remove the source of the problem so not only will you have a damaged roof but the cause of the infestation remains.

Our process employs a soft low pressure cleaning method that allow for a 100% Kill Ratio of the mold and bacteria. 


Soft Wash House Washing.

Low Pressure Cleaning is a method to clean homes using water and other safe cleaning agents. Unlike high pressure cleaning that only removes the top layer of mold as well as possibly damaging the home, low pressure cleaning is safe enough to put your hand in front of yet powerful enough to clean and KILL the mold. This is possible because the method used is high volume but low pressure. Just remember low pressure means no damage.  We only use the finest cleaning products on the market to house wash thus insuring amazing results every time. This is a great way of adding instant Curb Appeal.

High Power Gutter Vacuum Cleaning.

We love the beauty of our area here in Parksville and Qualicum.  But as you know with all the tress we have lot’s of leaves and eventually  fall down.  Why waste a Saturday climbing up and down a ladder scooping out debris from your rain gutters.  Let the pro’s at VICurbAppeal.ca  take care of it for you.


High Pressure Flat Surface Cleaning. (Pressure Washing - Power Washing)

When it comes to your home’s exterior, a little TLC goes a very long way. In fact, if you don’t deep-clean it regularly, dirt, cobwebs, and algae will take over, giving your brick or siding a dull, dingy finish.Thankfully, you have options when it comes to bringing the sparkle back to your home’s exterior. You could buy or rent a pressure washer and do the job yourself, but you’ll give up a weekend in the process. And of course, there’s not only the cost of the equipment, but the detergents and cleaners, too, and you’ll probably also need to get yourself some industrial-strength work boots to make sure that you don’t take a toe off.

Did you know that, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 3,000 people are injured each year while using a pressure washers?





Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Windows our the eyes of your home and let in all the light so why not make your windows sparkle?
No matter what your view it can only be improved bu clean windows.Let VICurbAppeal.ca provide you with the finest window cleaning available.  Our years of experience washing windows allows us to tackle those hard to reach windows most importantly streak free.

We will clean ALL glass frames and sills with our exterior clean, 

Exterior Gutter Washing.  

Nothing  dates a home more than the black and green streaking found on the outside face of your homes gutters, We have a cleaning solution that can remove these marks and make them shine like new again.